About Us

Emlight Design has been serving the performance lighting community since 1999.  Emlight is a premiere provider of retrofit solutions using Johnson Systems Inc. equipment and are proud to distribute all of Johnson Systems Inc. manufactured dimmers and controls.

Emlight has over 15 years of experience with Strand Lighting and Electro Controls dimmer and lighting controls and can help you keep your system running for many years of savings.

We also run a program for dealers throughout the country called the Emlight Service Partner program to better serve our customers.  With this program, customers are able to have a local repair depot to have their equipment serviced locally.  We have service partners in New York, Connecticut, Arizona, Minnesota, and North Carolina.

We repair most equipment in house to the component level whenever possible.  We have mainframe 1 GHz bandwidth oscilloscopes with touch screens, lab quality precision power supplies, waveform generators, power supply testers, DMX testers, control consoles and several custom made test beds.

And when we service equipment, we take antistatic precautions and store our static sensitive components in antistatic containers.  Our antistatic precautions extend to the field.  We carry field service antistatic mats and wrist straps.

We also service  Johnson Systems Inc. equipment and retrofit kits.  No need to send anything back to Canada.  We support what we sell in house but we will handle all shipping to Canada if the equipment is requested back to the factory for failure analysis.  We will not leave you in a lurch and stuck in the complicated world of international shipping.